ScanCafe Reviews

I have been ordering from ScanCafe from 2010 to present and overall I can say it has been a great experience. I like the fact that you only have to pay for the scans you want, the cheap price, and the wonderful quality!

I have put through 7 orders during the past 7 years. My orders have consisted of paper photos and slides.

Here’s a quick overview of what I like and what I dislike:

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My Favorite Organizational System For Paper Files!


You guys. I have spent FOREVER trying to figure out how to organize all my papers. Done many many searches on what was the best system. And I found it! No more searching through PILES to find that one record I know I have somewhere.

If you are just starting with your family research then this is the perfect time to start a system that will GROW with your research.

Are you ready for this?
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Riddlestine Family Mystery- A Story for Your German Genealogy Research

Ruth (Riddlestine) Clark, my grandmother

You may be just starting out in your family history research or you may be knee deep in file folders. Either way, at some point you are going to hit a brick wall. In my German genealogy research I have hit many; but none that have bothered me quite like the Riddlestine family!

My grandmother Ruth (Riddlestine) Clark has a family history book her sister Margaret wrote. Margaret Riddlestine was the family historian. She had made this family history book before she died, which she passed out to all the siblings and nieces and nephews. She never had any children of her own so genealogy was a passion she devoted a lot of time to.

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