Ancestry DNA Testing Reviews has a vast array of useful tools to help you discover your genetic roots. Though there are many Ancestry DNA testing reviews on the web I am going to explain to you the three basic sections of your results and why these are so important!

Ancestry DNA results

There are three parts to your Ancestry DNA results.

  1. Genetic Ancestry- This includes Ethnicity Estimate and Genetic Communities (this is brand new to Ancestry!)
  2. DNA Matches
  3. DNA Circles

Your genetic Ancestry results are what YOU are. This is what you typically think of when you get a genetic DNA test done. The results are from hundreds to thousands of years back so they can really give you a good picture of where you come from. My results show I am 100% European. This is then broken down into regions, with my largest percentage on top. Each region then has a corresponding color on the map. If you click on a specific region it gives you an awesome history of that region as well as migration patterns!

DNA results

Genetic Communities

Genetic Communities