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I have been ordering from ScanCafe from 2010 to present and overall I can say it has been a great experience. I like the fact that you only have to pay for the scans you want, the cheap price, and the wonderful quality!

I have put through 7 orders during the past 7 years. My orders have consisted of paper photos and slides.

Here’s a quick overview of what I like and what I dislike:



*Only pay for the scans you want. Delete up to 20% no charge

*Price- good deals


*Able to share on Facebook

*Exceptional quality


*Scanning takes 4-6 weeks on the cheapest option- does have 10 day option but more expensive

*Photos are sent to India, with the cheapest option


Let me go into a little bit more into detail here…


There’s That Discard Option

ScanCafe will let you DISCARD (yes that means at NO CHARGE!) up to 20% of your photos that you send in to be scanned. This means less work for you. Just pack them up in a box and sent them off!

Once they have them scanned you will have the option to look through them and any that are blurry or just not something you want you may delete from your order! Pretty simple.

 44% off

Great Prices

Their prices are comparable to other major scanning sites, but what sets them apart is their great deals! The regular price for scanning a single photo is $0.33.

I sign up for their email deals which are sent to me several times a week. Many times these deals are up to 44% off and sometimes even 50% off regular price!

I will wait until I have a good chunk of photos collected to send them in, and this will get you a better deal as well.

You will pay for half your order up front when you order. Once you’ve picked your scans and they have burned your discs for you they will charge the other half (minus whatever scans you’ve discarded).

Safety is their jam!

Seriously. They take such great care of your photos that they offer a $1,000 guarantee if something were to happen to them! From the moment they enter their facility there are cameras on them 24/7- to keep their employees accountable.

Just a tip! You must make sure you package your photos correctly.

I always put mine in ziploc bags just in case they were to come in contact with water somewhere along the way. Then I fill the rest of the box with bubble wrap or packaging peanuts to prevent the photos sliding all over the box.

Another great feature- Facebook

Once you’ve picked your scans and completed your order you can move on to sharing to Facebook! ScanCafe has a great built in feature that allows you to share directly to facebook!

My family loves seeing all the gems I have dug up.

…but what is my favorite part about ScanCafe?

Exceptional quality!

Seriously! They have taken a TINY photo of mine and scanned it to twice the size. The detail that comes out in the photos are incredible!

Things you never noticed before all of a sudden appear on your screen. This has been useful for me in reading the print on a book that my great grandmother held in an old photo.

ScanCafe also corrects by hand every photo that you send it. One of their photo editors spends four minutes on each and every picture, and it shows.


Removing minor scratches and color correcting are included in the price. This photo of my gg-grandfather is over 100 years old and it looks amazing!

 one of my high quality photos scanned by ScanCafe                               the same photo magnified


This photo of my g-grandmother and her mom is also over 100 years old. I paid a bit more for the full restoration and it looks fantastic! I am very happy with the results.

              my g-grandmother and her mom                       the same photo after restoration


Two things I don’t like

It takes about 4-6 weeks total turn around time to get your photos back, and this is if you don’t take any extra time to actually go through your photos and delete the ones you don’t want. For me this feels like an eternity!

You can pay extra to have them expedited to 10 days total time but for me the extra cost just wasn’t worth it.

Another thing is that on the basic option your photos are sent to India. This was hard to stomach as it seems so far and many things could go wrong traveling that far. Though I took a gamble all 7 times I used ScanCafe and never had any problems (don’t forget that $1,000 guarantee!).

If you like you can also pay extra to have the photos scanned state side in California.


To sum things up…


ScanCafe has been a wonderful company to work with! I am always impressed with their quality scans, low prices, and professional handling of my precious photos. For me, the pros by far outweigh the cons and they have a loyal customer for life.


Have you used ScanCafe for your photos? Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

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